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Australia’s “Best” Tab Dividers

  • 3 to view up to 10 to view
  • Boxed for long shelf life
  • 160gsm or 200gsm wood-free quality tab stock
  • Forward or Reverse Collated
  • Order 10 boxes or more & get free delivery to VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS, SA major metro city areas.
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Premium quality tabs trusted by our clients for over 14 years.
Premium Quality
Our tabs are used in digital presses and many mono and full colour copiers and laser printers.
Wholesale prices
Plain tab dividers at wholesale prices means an increase in profits on print jobs to you.  Bulk packed for convenience and long shelf life.
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Ozzie Tabs are always in stock ready to deliver ensuring you get fast delivery Australia-wide.

I have used Ozzie Tabs for basic plain tab jobs & custom tabs that my clients have asked me to design.  Their team have been able to handle all my requests and delivery is always quick.  As I resell the tabs to my clients, I have found that Ozzie Tabs prices are very competitive & that helps me make a healthy profit margin.  I highly recommend them.

Ronnie, Director

Bulk Tab Dividers

Ozzie Tabs manufactures and supplies plain tab dividers and custom tab dividers to Print Shops, Printing Franchises, Production Printing Plants, Legal and Accounting firms, Universities, Schools, Education and Training facilities, Incorporation companies, Real Estate Agents & many more. Our printable tab dividers can be printed on using home or office laser printers and copiers, or production printing machines. Our tabs can also be used as blank plain tab dividers in ring binders, or for filing and indexing purposes. We can supply bulk tab dividers for high volume users, and we can also supply small to medium volumes of tab dividers. Ozzie Tabs supplies a range of different tab cut sizes & paper types to suit most tab divider requirements. We can hole drill tab dividers, and we offer custom tabs dividers with special finishes to suit your specific needs. Our tab dividers are boxed for long shelf life. If you prefer, we can print on the tab dividers for you, saving you time, money and headaches. We can supply ready to use tab dividers fully printed with your specific wording requirements. We can supply personalised tab dividers for specific needs and custom tab divider requirements. Our tab dividers, also called, index dividers, indices are manufactured in Australia using the best quality paper types for our extensive tab divider range. + Read More

Australia’s Best Tab Dividers

Storing and organising documents in a way which is quick, convenient and effective is one of the best and most important ways to make both your professional life and your personal life much easier.

One of the key characteristics that distinguishes highly effective people from less effective people is their ability to organise their important files and documents in ways which allow for easy, intuitive access in the future as and when they’re required.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your organisational skills, it’s time to invest in some high-quality tab dividers. Page dividers are used in offices around the world as a means of improving organisation and efficiency, and many people simply don’t know how they’d go about organising their work-related files without them.

Why Would I Need Paper Tab Dividers?

As well as making it easy to keep everything stored in a structured and sensible way, they also serve to ensure that all documents and files are organised in a highly visible manner – making the process of finding what you need swift and effortless, and making last-minute stress and headaches when looking for an important file a thing of the past!

When you get plain paper tab dividers, you’ll be able to organise your files in whichever way you find to be most suitable and efficient for your particular line of work. Simply create your own categories and write the category names on your labels to begin organising your important documents in a way that works for you. This flexibility and versatility gives you maximum control over the storage and organisation of your most important documents.

And, it isn’t just in your professional life that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your new tab dividers. You’ll also be able to use them at home, making your important personal, home and family related documents more conveniently stored and easily accessible than ever before.

Not only will this make your day to day life much easier, but it’ll also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family, friends and/or neighbours will easily be able to find relevant paperwork on your behalf in the case of an urgent situation when you are for whatever reason not present.

And when it comes to encouraging your children to keep their schoolwork organised in neat and efficient files, you can be sure that page dividers will make things much easier.

Not only will they allow your child to quickly and easily access all of the documents he or she needs in order to keep on top of his or her education, but they’ll also make the process of organising schoolwork and homework actively fun, with a huge scope for creativity and colourful, innovative designs.

Custom Printed Tabs, Page Dividers

Here at Ozzie Tabs, we understand the value and importance of top quality paper tab dividers when it comes to storing documents and other important paperwork in a way which is tidy and efficient. That’s why we’ve created a range of superior custom tab dividers using our state of the art facilities and unrivalled expertise.

When you choose to buy custom printed tabs from us, you can be confident that you’ll receive a product that is made with the very finest possible material, with reinforced edges that guarantee that your new investment will continue to serve you effectively for many years to come. We know that our customers are willing to pay a little more to access tab dividers that are truly professional and durable, rather than ones which look inferior and begin to show signs of aging after only a few months.

We Make Sure Our Page Dividers Are The Best

But even so, we’re committed to ensuring that our outstanding dividers remain available at competitive prices, guaranteeing that our customers are always able to enjoy the best products on the market without paying any more than they should have to.

And because your tabs will be professionally printed using our advanced, modern technologies, you can rest assured that they’ll serve to provide you with a highly sophisticated and professional storage solution – so the next time a colleague or customer happens to spot you searching for an important document, you can be sure you’ll be giving off a strong, professional and highly organised impression.

As a result, our tabs are always hugely popular with self-employed businesspeople and owners of small businesses, for whom staying highly organised and giving off a sense of professionalism are both extremely important. With our quality tabs, your files won’t only be stored in a way that’s efficient, but also a way that’s professional – ensuring that small businesses are always giving their customers the very best impressions and sending out the right messages to their employees and partners.

Thanks to the dedication of our team members and their commitment to consistently upholding the rigorous high standards that our customers have come to know and expect from us, we have over the years built a strong reputation for producing outstanding products that serve the needs of businesses and individuals across Australia.

So when you choose to buy bulk tab dividers at Ozzie Tabs, you’ll be receiving the very best custom tab dividers at the most highly competitive prices available on the Australian market – and, as an Australian owned and operated enterprise, we’re proud to offer delivery within 2 to 5 working days absolutely anywhere in any of Australia’s metropolitan city areas.

So if you’ve decided that it’s about time that you improve your organisational skills and take control of all your loose files and documents in a way that provides maximum efficiency and ease of access, you’ve come to the right place.

Get in touch with a member of the friendly and knowledgeable team here at Ozzie Tabs to find out more information about our outstanding product range.

Or, if you’re ready to place an order right away, simply browse our intuitive website to find the perfect custom printed tabs for you at a price you’re bound to love. Before you know it, your new, top-quality tabs will be delivered direct to your front door!

Ozzie Tabs is the best online store for page tab dividers in Melbourne. Get your plain tab dividers and index tab dividers for your office stationary. Browse our selection online to order custom made tabs just for you.

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