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How to Set up Your A4 Tabs Template

A4 and A5 Artwork Templates – Index Tabs

Feel free to download a pdf template of the index tabs.  We have 3 tabs to 10 tabs for A4, together with 5 & 10 tabs for A5.

Download Artwork Set Up instructions for A4 Tabs  – click on the image to download a pdf version.

Download Instructions to set up tabs


Steps to set up your A4 Tabs for printing

Step 1 – Set up sheet size 223mm wide x 297mm high. This will give you an A4 sheet plus 13mm tab extension

Step 2 – Set a margin of 6mm from both the top & the bottom of the 297mm height

Step 3 – Your tab artwork setup should now be 223mm x 285mm

Step 4 – Divide the 285mm height by the number of tabs per set

Example: For 5 tabs per set, divide 285mm by 5 which equals 57mm
So each tab in the 5 tab set will be 57mm wide x 13mm high

Positioning Text on the Tabs

The red key line shows how to position text on the tab area.  Please ensure the text fits in this area or it may get cut off.

Key line for tab setup



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