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Custom Tab Cutting

Ozzie Tabs can tab cut custom sizes & handle various paper types if you are looking for something different than standard tabs.

  • We can add clear or coloured Mylar to your tabs. We offer clear & various colours of Mylar Please contact us for more information.

“You Print it, Ozzie Tabs Cut it”

We can tab cut your pre-printed tabs. So if your tabs are full colour or black & white, we can tab cut them & create a professional finish.

Specifications required by Ozzie Tabs:

  • Print Tabs on SRA3 (320mm x 450mm) & DO NOT trim to finished size. (It is important that we do the final size trimming). If your tabs have bleed on any edge, please supply 1up in centre of sheet. If you are able to print on a larger sheet than SRA3, then you can supply thee print multiple up. We do not need grip margins when tab cutting
  • We can assist with printing templates & advice setting up your print. If you need any assistance with the layout of your tabs, please feel free to contact us
  • You can add a gloss or matt cellosheen to your printing. Please ensure your sheets have clean straight edges with no laminate material running off the end of the sheet. Ozzie Tabs can cellosheen the tabs for you in-house if required. Please email us for a quotation on the cellosheen
  • It is important that your printed sheets are as flat as possible without any severe paper curl. This can severely slow down your tab cutting job & increase your tab cutting costs.
  • We can add clear or coloured Mylar to your tabs. We offer clear & various colours of Mylar Please contact us for more information.

Other Finishing services we can add to your tabs:

Collating – Hole Punching – Edge Reinforcing – Shrink Wrapping

Please feel free to email your custom tab requirements & details for a prompt & competitive quotation.

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“Ozzie Tabs Print it, Ozzie Tabs Cut it”

Ozzie Tabs can print your tabs in-house. We have the latest digital printing technology to ensure you get a truly professional print & tab cut job.

We have control over many factors such as paper types & paper curl so that means we can print & tab cut quickly & efficiently. Our printing prices are very competitive so we can definitely save you time, money & headaches

We also offer a full pre-press & in-house Graphic Design department to ensure your tabs look great

All our finishing services are available to add to your print.

“Yep, Ozzie Tabs also offers short run book binding”

Ozzie Tabs can also look after your short run book binding.

We are not claiming that we are a full blown bindery house, but over the years we have accumulated some very good binding equipment that can handle book binding runs from 1 to 1000 books. That’s the “Digital Sweet Spot”. If you supply collated book blocks, we will be happy to quote the binding. If you are one of our tab clients, then we offer even further discounts for your binding to help your business.

Bookbinding Services include:

Twin loop Wiro Binding  – Plastic Coil Binding  – Perfect Binding (Non PUR) – Saddle Stitch

(Please Note: Our perfect binding is a Hybrid glue that works well with Digital Prints & coated stocks. It sticks well & is very well priced compared to PUR. It is non-toxic unlike PUR, but we still wouldn’t eat it as we reckon it would taste pretty bad!)

If you would like more information or a quotation on our bookbinding services, please email us.


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