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  • 3 to view up to 10 to view
  • Boxed for long shelf life
  • 160gsm or 200gsm wood-free quality tab stock
  • Forward or Reverse Collated
  • Order 10 boxes or more & get free delivery Australian major metro city areas.

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Premium quality tabs trusted by our clients for over 14 years.

Premium Quality

Our tabs are used in digital presses and many mono and full colour copiers and laser printers.

Wholesale prices

Plain tab dividers at wholesale prices means an increase in profits on print jobs to you.  Bulk packed for convenience and long shelf life.

Fast Delivery

Ozzie Tabs are always in stock ready to deliver ensuring you get fast delivery Australia-wide.

Plain Tab Dividers

If you’re trying to find a way to become more organised and effective, you can be sure that top quality plain tab dividers will help you achieve your goal swiftly and easily.

Not only are they affordable and easy to use, but they’re also known for being extremely effective at aiding people when it comes to becoming more organised and starting to better keep on top of all their documents and files.

With plain tab dividers, you always have the added benefit of having maximum flexibility when it comes to organising your files. Regardless of the nature of your line of work, the particular documents you’re organising or your own personal preferences when it comes to storage and organisation, you’re able to choose the labels and categories that work best for your organisation system and maximise your efficiency.

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But it’s not just in office environments that tab dividers come in extremely handy: they can also be used in a variety of other, different ways.

Organising your personal notepad, calendar or recipe book with the help of tab dividers is always a good idea, and can help save you plenty of time in the future.

And tab dividers are also great for organising your child’s school journal, notebook or binder. With tabs coming in a wide range of exciting, vivid colours and with great scope for personalisation and creativity, you can be sure that tab dividers will make the task of keeping schoolwork organised and tidy fun for your child.

Printable Tab Dividers

Whilst all tab dividers make the process of organising and storing your files and documents easy and intuitive, and help save you, your colleagues and/or your family members lots of time, hassle and stress, the most effective and professional tab dividers of all are undoubtedly printable tab dividers.

When a client, colleague or anyone else sees that your files are all neatly and efficiently stored with personalised tab dividers, they’ll already be impressed with your organisation skills.

But when they notice that the tabs are in fact printable tab dividers, their impression of your professionalism and trust-worthiness will undoubtedly soar even higher.

And not only do printed dividers provide a highly professional and efficient image, but they also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that, should anybody else need to study your files and make use of your organised system for whatever reason, there won’t be the risk that they’ll have difficulty reading your handwriting and end up wasting valuable time searching for the correct document.

Whichever type of tab dividers you choose to invest in, you can be confident that the products on offer here at Ozzie Tabs are of truly superior quality. Our team of highly experienced professionals work tirelessly to design and manufacture the very best tab dividers available on the Australian market.

So if you’re looking for tab dividers to help you organise your files and become more efficient at work or at home, simply place an order on the Ozzie Tabs online store today.

A binder is a handy document storage and filing tool that is a staple of most office and home filing use today, with the most common being the 3 ring system for letter size and standard pages.

A one inch binder holds up to 200 sheets, a two inch binder holds 400 sheets, while a three inch binder can hold up to 600 sheets.

A single binder can be used to create several categories, while ensuring that your documents fit comfortably and can easily be found using our 3 ring binder separators. To help organise your documentation so that files are easy to locate is a crucial time saving factor necessary for your internal office correspondence.

For internal and external meetings such as workshops and conferences, purchase our binder separators to ensure you stay organised and create a professional image. We offer superior quality printable ring binder separators in plain and printable durable plastic and colour tabs that allow you to design and customise them according to your requirements.

For office or home use, you can write on and erase on the separators, giving you the opportunity to re-use them for a different purpose. Our tabs can be collated either forwards or backwards, depending on your needs.

Helping You Get Organised for Over 14 Years

We have had the privilege of helping Australians stay organised with our quality products for over 14 years. We manufacture and supply both custom and plain tab dividers to:

  • Printing franchises
  • Print shops
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Accounting Firms
  • Education and Training facilities, among others.

For high volume users, we are able to supply in bulk, or supply small-to-medium quantities for lower volume users.

Our stock quality dividers are suitable for use in digital presses, full and mono copiers and laser printers. We also stock plain dividers at wholesale prices. We offer the following print services to customise your dividers: 

  • Offset Tab Dividers
  • Full Bleed Digital Tab Dividers
  • Standard Digital Tab Dividers
  • Cut Sheets

Considerations for Using 3-Ring Binder Separators

There are some basic considerations to think about when choosing 3-ring binder separators. The size of your separators should match the size of your 3-ring binder. A mismatch will mean your separators will not fit properly in the binder. This will likely tear the separators when trying to turn them.

The diameter on the your binder rings will dictate how many separators and documents your binder can hold. Our staff are happy to consult with you to ensure that you get the right match for the volume and size of documents you wish to store in your separators and binder.

Finishing Off in Style

To finish your 3-ring separators off in style, we can offer you laminated dividers to create a perfect finish. In addition, we keep a large stock for immediate delivery, to guarantee you fast delivery throughout Australia.

We also offer free delivery for 10 boxes and more Australia wide throughout the major metro areas. For further information, please email us at sales@ozzietabs.com.au or call 1300 034 826.

Ozzie Tabs is the best online store for page tab dividers in Melbourne. Get your plain tab dividers and index tab dividers for your office stationary. Browse our selection online to order custom made tabs just for you.

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