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Plain Tab Dividers

Bulk Packs

A4 Plain Tabs

Price Price Per Box
1-5 Boxes$55.00 + GST
6-9 Boxes$53.00 + GST
*10 Boxes +$50.00 + GST
*Free delivery ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC, Metro areas only for 10+ boxes.

A4 Plain Tabs

Stock (Uncoated)Sets Per Box
Sets Per Box
3 to view166130
4 to view125100
5 to view10080
6 to view8266
7 to view7056
8 to view6250
9 to view5544
10 to view5040
12 to view4133

A4 Rainbow Tabs

Price Price Per Box
1-5 Boxes$95.00 + GST
6-9 Boxes$93.00 + GST
*10 Boxes +$90.00 + GST
*Free delivery ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC, Metro areas only for 10+ boxes.

A4 Rainbow Tabs

Stock (Uncoated)Sets Per Box
5 to view80
10 to view40

A5 Plain Tabs

Quantity Price Per Box
1-5 Boxes$37.00 + GST
6+ Boxes$35.00 + GST
*Free delivery ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC, Metro areas only for 10+ boxes.

A5 Plain Tabs

StockSets Per Box
Sets Per Box
5 to view8060
10 to view4030

A5 Rainbow Tabs

Quantity Price Per Box
1-5 Boxes$78.00 + GST
6+ Boxes$76.00 + GST
*Free delivery ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC, Metro areas only for 10+ boxes.

A5 Rainbow Tabs

StockSets Per Box
5 to view60
10 to view30
Plain Tab Dividers in Bulk Quantity
Bulk Tab Dividers

Ozzie Tabs manufactures and supplies plain tab dividers and custom tab dividers to Print Shops, Printing Franchises, Production Printing Plants, Legal and Accounting firms, Universities, Schools, Education and Training facilities, Incorporation companies, Real Estate Agents & many more.

Our printable tab dividers can be printed on using home or office laser printers and copiers, or production printing machines. Our tabs can also be used as blank plain tab dividers in ring binders, or for filing and indexing purposes.

We can supply bulk tab dividers for high volume users, and we can also supply small to medium volumes of tab dividers. Ozzie Tabs supplies a range of different tab cut sizes & paper types to suit most tab divider requirements. We can hole drill tab dividers, and we offer custom tabs dividers with special finishes to suit your specific needs.

Our tab dividers are boxed for long shelf life. If you prefer, we can print on the tab dividers for you, saving you time, money and headaches. We can supply ready to use tab dividers fully printed with your specific wording requirements. We can supply personalised tab dividers for specific needs and custom tab divider requirements. Our tab dividers, also called, index dividers, indices are manufactured in Australia using the best quality paper types for our extensive tab divider range.
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Australia’s Best Tab Dividers

Information storage and retrieval is an integral part of any organisation and maintaining an efficient filing, quick reference and retrieval system for paper documents ensures the smooth running of an organisation’s operations.

Documents stored in binders or notebooks can be organised even more efficiently by using blank tab dividers. They project a professional image and boost the company’s standing during meetings, conferences and workshops. Organising information into sections using tab dividers allows participants to arrive at a referenced section easily and quickly.

Organisations and schools all require documentation to be processed and stored in an ordered fashion. Tab dividers are a good way to keep frequently referenced documents in good condition.

Our Products and Services  

We manufacture and supply both plain and custom tab dividers to:

  • Incorporation Companies
  • Legal and Accounting Firms
  • Printing Franchises
  • Production Printing Plants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Education and Training Facilities, and many more.

We have different tab cut sizes as well as different paper sizes and quality for you to choose from, or we are happy to tailor cut to cater for your specific requirements. For filing and indexing purposes, our dividers can be used in 3 ring binders, and can be custom printed using personal or office laser printers, copiers, or production printing machines.

Our dividers come with pre-punched holes for easy filing but, should you require, we can punch holes as per your binder specifications. To use our in-house printing services, our graphics design team are on hand to consult with you for your custom printed blank index dividers, saving you on costs, time and stress.

Our range of tab cut sizes and different paper types will be sure to fit your tab divider requirements. If not, let us tailor them for you. Just give us a call, or email us and we’ll be happy to consult with you. 

How to Customise Your Dividers

There are a variety of ways to customise your dividers. One is to simply print your information directly on to the page dividers with the standard black ink, or coloured ink for greater visual appeal.

Another way would be to print on the front, back or both sides of the tab. We can supply customised dividers with customer specific dimension, non-standard paper, printed in full colour, or any specific features that you require.

Dividers may also be coated with a mylar film to add protection and longevity.

High Quality Performance

We manufacture our tab dividers locally and we use the best quality of paper for the best quality performance. We box our tab dividers for a longer shelf life, and we supply our plain tab dividers for small-to-medium use, or for bulk use in the following product categories: 

  • A4 and A5 Plain Tabs
  • A4 and A5 Rainbow Tabs
  • From 3 to view up to 10 to view

We offer free delivery for 10 boxes and more throughout the major metro areas in Australia. For further information, please visit us on 80 Technology Drive, Sunshine West, Victoria 3020, or email us at sales@ozzietabs.com.au, or call 1300 034 826.

Ozzie Tabs is the best online store for page tab dividers in Melbourne. Get your plain tab dividers and index tab dividers for your office stationary. Browse our selection online to order custom made tabs just for you.

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